#ConsumeColor Project: Week 1

What is #ConsumeColor?

Hello, everyone! I’m very excited to get to introduce to you in the inaugural post of my blog the #ConsumeColor Project. From February until May of this year, I will be reading books and watching films by and about people of color, each month focusing on a specific cultural group.


Since I am embarking on this project during Black History Month, I will be consuming works from African-American creators. I will follow this up with American Indian-produced works during the month of March, Hispanic American works during April, and ending with Asian-American works during May. I’m fully aware only two of these months (February and May) align with their official cultural designations, but Hispanic American heritage month is not until September and American Indian heritage month is not until November, and I’m fairly certain I do not have the attention-span needed to keep this project moving that long.

I’m pursuing this project for a number of reasons.
  1. I like consuming awesome works of art.
  2. I like sharing awesome works of art.
  3. I set up a blog section to this website and really didn’t know what else to do with it.
  4. I realized that despite having 16 years of formal education with a heavy emphasis on arts and humanities, I have gaping chasm in my knowledge of literature and film created by People of Color. This is a common enough problem for anyone who receives education in the United States, even if you’re as fortunate as I have been to go to fairly liberal and diverse institutions of higher education. It’s incredibly daunting, the amount of great work that are out there to be watched and read, even just things that are “in the canon”– not to mention that works created by People of Color (and especially Women of Color) often don’t make it into the canon. So this blog will be me attempting to educate myself. I’m building and executing the syllabus I wish I had gotten in high school and college. Also, I really just like to geek out about stuff! So, I’ll be using this blog to tell anyone who’s interested in dope books and movies created by PoC.
FAQ (Or at least, they probably would be FAQ if this wasn’t the first post)
How does this work?
Every week I will watch two feature films (including documentaries) within that month’s cultural category. I haven’t decided if each week will have a common theme or writer/director yet, but we’ll figure this out together. Also, I will read and review four books a month within that same cultural category. There are four types of books I will read: a classic, a book by a living writer of color (“modern classic”), a historical/biographical work, and one Fantasy/Magical Realist work (because it’s my favorite genre, and to prove that not all fantasy has to be set in the European Middle Ages for it to be a worthwhile read).
How will you choose the books/movies for each month?
Arbitrarily. Basically, these will be things that interest me, things I want people to know about, what happens to be accessible to me in the moment, or things that I feel like I should be aware of as both a Creative and PoC.
Will you be doing a European American cultural month?
Why not?
It’s not out of the hate of White Culture or disdain for any of those works of literature/film that it has produced. It’s just that in 16 years of formal education, and Bachelors degrees in both English Literature and Film, nearly everything that I know already and what I consume on a daily basis is pretty exclusively White-produced. (#OscarsSoWhite2016.) The point of this project is for me to seek out and educate myself as an artist and as a person with cultural artifacts from nonwhite creators. And, it’s not to say that I won’t read a book or watch a film created by someone of European descent in the next few months; it’s just that those works are not the focus of this project. I’m not trying to be racist or exclude White works, I just want to explore and promote perspectives that most (American) people don’t get in the mainstream media landscape.
How frequently will you post reviews? What format (written posts, podcasts, vlogs, interpretive dances, finger paintings) will these reviews come in?
Great question!


What are Shakira’s best albums?
English: Laundry Service

Spanish: (tie) Donde Estan Los Landrones?, MTV Unplugged


Do you ever feel like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind, wanting to start again? Okay, that’s enough.

That’s a rough outline of the #ConsumeColor project! Stay tuned to see what I’m reading and watching this week!
XOXO, Kerri

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