MoMA Courses Online

One of my favorite experiences during my 12-month internship at the Museum of Modern Art was getting to collaborate with MoMA’s teens to produce A TALE OF THREE CITIES, a 4-week online art course.  Our teens worked with their counterparts at the Art Institute of Chicago and the Tate Collective in London to create videos and supplementary educational content about the art scenes in each of their respective cities. During production, I served as an assistant to the videography, doing everything from running second camera, to setting up lights, and occasionally helping to direct the teens on-camera. When shooting wrapped, I worked as an Assistant Editor and designed the layout and aesthetic of the course, which you can see in the slideshow below.

(Note: This course is no longer live and viewable for the general public. Below are images taken of its contents and design. Please contact me if you would like more information regarding  A TALE OF THREE CITIES.)

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While at MoMA, I also assisted in the production of the museum’s third Massive Open Online Course for the educational platform Coursera. Called MODERN ART & IDEAS, this course centers both on art history and the pedagogical practice of thematic teaching. My main contributions to this course were serving as the Production Assistant and Assistant Editor to our filmmaking teams. Click here to view Modern Art and Ideas.