At the risk of sounding like a millennial cliche, I’m obsessed with podcasts. I also love talking. A lot. I couldn’t help dabbling a bit in the medium that has captivated me since becoming a regular commuter.

Kerri & Dan Save Christmas!

NOTHING beats Christmas movies. Whether it’s a big Oscar-nominated blockbuster like Klaus or an 80’s TV movie where Dolly Parton adopts 7 orphans in the mountains, I can’t stop myself from watching them all. Luckily, my friend and co-worker Dan felt the same way, so we started a seasonal Christmas movie review podcast where we share our thoughts on seasonal classics like A Diva’s Christmas Carol as well as under-the-radar releases like Feliz NaviDAD.


Jack The Lass Podcast

I’m a sucker for a period drama. Outlander, The Borgias, Reign, Downton Abbey, you name it. When I stumbled on HBO-BBC’s Gentleman Jack, I was head-over-heels by the end of the title sequence. Naturally, I hit up my friend and fellow Tar Heel Kelsey P. Jones, and together we started Jack The Lass Podcast! It’s a weekly recap show where we dive into the events of each episode, explore its treatments of queerness and femininity, obsess over the costumes and cinematography, and express our gratitude that we don’t live in 19th century England.


Guest Appearances

  • I may be a bit biased, but F***bois of Literature is one of the funniest, most feminist podcasts you’ll ever have the pleasure of hearing. It’s like eavesdropping on a book club with your most hilarious (and brutally honest) friends as they dish about the many problematic men of the literary canon––real and fictional alike. I had the great fortune of being allowed to stop by to talk about one of my favorite subjects ever: Greek mythology. (Spoiler Alert: We come to the conclusion that Zeus is kind of the worst.)  Emily (the hilarious, witty, and all-around fantastic host of FBoL) was kind enough to have me on the show a second time to discuss my favorite of all phandoms, The Phantom of The OperaWe talk about how the long-running musical differs from the original early 20th-century novel, toxic 19th century masculinity, Ramin Karimloo’s magical voice, and much more.