Short Films

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Nymph (Short)-A nymph struggles to choose between her love and her true nature. Writer/Director/Editor

Second Time Around (Short)- After his death, an egocentric young man discovers his soulmate was the girl who bullied him in school and takes revenge by haunting her. Screenwriter/Co-Producer/Director/Colorist 

An American’s Guide to Eurovision (Explainer Short)- A Buzzfeed-style crash course in the Eurovision song contest. Writer/Editor/Actor

In Living Color (Silent Short)- After eating a bag of Skittles, a young woman discovers a very powerful new talent. Director/DoP/Editor/Colorist

2014 NYC Halloween Dog Parade (Documentary Montage)-A short montage of photo and video taken during the 2014 Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade, set to a cover of “This is Halloween” by the Vitamin String Quartet.

Divine Intervention (Three-part Mini-series)– An unlucky-in-love young woman receives unexpected romantic help from the Greek gods. Writer/Director/Producer

Practice (Dance Short)-A Black &White study of practice becoming perfection for a ballet dancer.

Carducci Confidential: Fifty Shades of Blue (Short)-  A “Daily Show with Jon Stewart”-type interview about finding the true shade of Carolina Blue. Writer/Director/DoP/Editor

Pandanggo sa Ilaw (Dance Short)- Two dancers perform the traditional Filipino candle dance. Director/DoP/Editor


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