Narrative Short Films

Below is a short selection of a few of the narrative shorts I’ve created during my time at UNC and since graduating. To see my full body of video work, here is my Vimeo page.

Nymph (2015)-A nymph struggles to choose between her love and her true nature. Writer/Director/Editor

Second Time Around (2014)- Funded by the Rick Dees Scholarship. After his death, an egocentric young man discovers his soulmate was the girl who bullied him in school and takes revenge by haunting her. Screenwriter/Co-Producer/Director/Colorist 

In Living Color (2014, Silent)- After eating a bag of Skittles, a young woman discovers a very powerful new talent. Director/DoP/Editor/Colorist

Divine Intervention (2014, Three-part Mini-series)– An unlucky-in-love young woman receives unexpected romantic help from the Greek gods. Writer/Director/Producer

Practice (2014, Dance Short)-A Black &White study of practice becoming perfection for a ballet dancer.

Pandanggo sa Ilaw (2013, Dance Short)- Two dancers perform the traditional Filipino candle dance. Director/DoP/Editor

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