Social Media Projects

Like most millennials, I love social media. I love it as a means of connecting people and deepening relationships that would have been impossible a few decades ago, as a tool to learn about experiences that can differ wildly from your own, and just because it’s fun and fosters so much creativity.  Below are a few projects and experiments I’ve done over the past year, largely for fun, but that have also taught me a lot about how social media works and the impact it can have.

#Ham4PR   was a modest social media fundraising challenge that I started in the fall of 2017 after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico. Modeled after the Ice Bucket Challenge and inspired by my love of the musical Hamilton, the #Ham4PR challenge required participants to donate $10 (in honor of the Ten-Dollar Founding Father) to their charity of choice that was doing relief work in Puerto Rico, record themselves singing/rapping/lip-syncing to a verse from the musical, and then tagging 3 participants. I was so thankful to get as many of my friends (and a few strangers!) to– whether or not they felt comfortable singing on the Internet–donate what they could to help Puerto Rican relief efforts.

Snack History Month is a project I began on Facebook and Instagram in February of 2018, and that I’m hoping to continue to revive annually. It began as a joke when I randomly stumbled across a picture of Rep. John Lewis from the Civil Rights Movement and realized that he was kind of hot?? I started thinking about how so many historical figures in general (and Black historical figures in particular) tend to be reduced to a single accomplishment, and are seldom remembered as whole people who did many  things in the course of their lives–all while being rather easy on the eyes. So this project was meant to be both funny and educational, mixing pick-up lines and puns into mini-biographies, both shedding light on lesser-known trailblazers (like Dorothy Dandrige) and shouting-out some forgotten facts about Black History Month Staples (like Jackie Robinson).

Myths As Gifs is a side-Twitter account that I’m currently running where I retell myths and legends  through memes and gifs.