Writing has been a passion of mine since I was a kid. I used to fill notebooks upon notebooks with stories, short plays, questionable poetry, X-men fanfiction, comedy writing, you name it. I still love to write, and once in a while, I’m lucky enough to do it for fantastic outlets like the ones credited below.

“Interview: Fusion Painting and Abstract Art in Hampton Roads, A Q&A With Jerome Meminger, Sr.” Quail Bell Magazine. August 2017. Web. <http://www.quailbellmagazine.com/the-real/interview-fusion-painting-and-abstract-art-in-hampton-roads>

“Art in the Age of ‘So What?’: Using Narrative to Spark Educational Engagement.” Inside/Out Blog. Museum of Modern Art, June 2015. Web. <http://www.moma.org/explore/inside_out/2015/06/02/art-in-the-age-of-so-what-using-narrative-to-spark-educational-engagement>.

“Going Abroad.” We Are Greensboro Dec. 2013: Web. <http://wearegreensboro.com/?m=201312>.

“What We’ve Always Wanted?: A Review of Women Politicians’ Increased Visibility.” Siren: UNC’s Feminist Magazine Spring 2011: 22. Web. <http://issuu.com/uncsiren/docs/spring11/6&gt;.

“Turning Observation into Obligation: M.K. Asante Inspires Students During Black History Month Lecture.” Black Ink Magazine Mar.-Apr. 2011: 15.  <http://issuu.com/uncblackink/docs/march_2011_final>.

“The Forgotten Brilliance of James Baldwin.” Black Ink Magazine Winter 2010: p.10.  <http://issuu.com/uncblackink/docs/winter_issue_final>.

“Flashes of Genius: Andy Warhol’s Polaroids Are Now at the Ackland Art Museum.” Black Ink Magazine Fall 2010: p.15. Web. <http://issuu.com/uncblackink/docs/homecoming_2010>.


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